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SRK founders launch the company in 1974
Find more about SRK and our milestones. In 1980 our Denver office opens in North America
Find more about SRK and our milestones. In 1995 staff complement reaches 400
Find more about SRK and our milestones. In 2000 the international holding company changes name to SRK Global Limited
Find more about SRK and our milestones. In 2010 our staff complement reaches 1000


  • SRK India and SRK Russia celebrate their 10th year anniversaries
  • Merger with Mine Ventilation Services (MVS), Clovis, California, USA
  • SVS Ingenieros renamed to SRK Consulting (Peru) S.A.
  • Salta office opens in Argentina
  • Staff complement now 1400


  • SVS Ingenieros celebrates its 30th year anniversary
  • SRK Brazil, SRK China and SRK Turkey celebrate their 10th year anniversaries


  • SRK Australia and SRK Chile celebrate their 20th year anniversaries
  • Finland practice established in Rovaniemi
  • SRK Group celebrates its 40th anniversary and publishes a book in 2015 titled Forty Years in the Deep End


  • SRK NA celebrates its 35th year anniversary
  • SRK UK celebrates its 25th year anniversary
  • SRK ES celebrates its 10th year anniversary
  • Project office opened in Cameroon
  • Hong Kong practice established


  • SRK ES opens office in Copenhagen, Denmark (closed 2015)
  • St. Petersburg office opens in Russia (closed 2014)
  • Queretaro office opens in Mexico (closed 2015)
  • Staff complement reaches 1600


  • Merged SVS Ingenieros, Peru, into the SRK Group
  • Mendoza office opens in Argentina
  • Ghana practice established in Accra
  • Staff complement reaches 1400


  • DRC practice established in Lubumbashi
  • Ulaanbaatar office opens in Mongolia
  • Kazakhstan practice established in Almaty
  • Mexico practice established in Zacatecas (closed 2014)
  • Staff complement reaches 1000


  • Jakarta, Indonesia (closed 2016); and Skellefteå, Sweden practices established
  • Nanchang office opens in China
  • Merger with VS Consultores, Buenos Aires, to form SRK Argentina
  • Staff complement reaches 900


  • Anchorage office opens in Alaska
  • Staff complement reaches 800


  • Melbourne office opens in Australia
  • Kimberley office opens in South Africa
  • Staff complement reaches 700


  • Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania (closed 2011); Kolkata, India; and Moscow, Russia practices established
  • Saskatoon and Sudbury offices open in Canada
  • Staff complement reaches 600


  • Brazilian practice established in Belo Horizonte
  • Chinese practice established in Beijing
  • Newcastle office opens in Australia
  • Turkish practice established in Ankara from branch office
  • RDC and South African practices merge


  • SRK Exploration Services Ltd. formed in UK
  • Rustenburg office opens in South Africa


  • Ankara office opens in Turkey
  • East London office opens in South Africa


  • International holding company changes name to SRK Consulting (Global) Limited
  • Toronto office opens in Canada
  • Merger with Kairezi Resource Consultants, Zimbabwe


  • Merger with Geoval in Australia, broadening geostatistics services
  • Yellowknife office opens in NT, Canada
  • Pretoria office opens in South Africa


  • Formalised "SRK Consulting" as brand name for Group
  • Sydney office opens in Australia
  • Merger with WESTEC in North America – adding offices in Elko, Fort Collins and Tucson
  • Staff complement reaches 500


  • Merger with Etheridge Henley Williams, Australian-based geoscience consultancy – adding an office in Brisbane
  • Exploration services introduced
  • Gemcom Services Inc. renamed Gemcom Software International and lists as public company


  • Resource Development Consultants (RDC), a joint venture company with Carl Bro and the Danish IFU, formed in South Africa, focusing on social and economic services
  • Staff complement reaches 400


  • Chilean and Australian practices established in Santiago and Perth respectively
  • International holding company, SRK Consulting Limited, formed in UK


  • Port Elizabeth and Pietermaritzburg offices open in South Africa


  • Consult 4 Partnership in South Africa formed with Ninham Shand Inc., Van Niekerk Kleyn & Edwards and Keeve Steyn Inc.


  • SRK South Africa merges with Binnie & Partners (SA), extending the firm's skills in water and effluent technology, structural engineering, and hydraulics
  • UK practice established in Cardiff
  • Robinson Dames and Moore purchased and renamed SRK-Robinson Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada
  • GIS/DIP services introduced


  • Reno office opens in North America
  • Hydrocarbon remediation services introduced
  • Staff complement reaches 300


  • Gemcom Services Inc. formed in Vancouver
  • Water quality services introduced


  • Staff complement reaches 200


  • Zimbabwe practice established in Harare (closed 2016)
  • GEMCOM South Africa formed


  • Denver office opens in North America


  • Services in hydrology and hydraulics offered for the first time
  • Staff complement reaches 100


  • Cape Town and Durban offices open in South Africa
  • North American practice established in Vancouver
  • Groundwater services introduced


  • SRK introduces services in mine planning
  • Services extended into environmental engineering arena


  • Oskar Steffen, Andy Robertson and Hendrik Kirsten establish SRK in Johannesburg, South Africa, offering services in soil and rock mechanics and tailings disposal
SRK Kazakhstan