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Dr Mukhin's publication in the Russian "Mining Journal"

Dr Pavel Mukhin, Principal Consultant Geologist in SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) has published G.Ru (Chief Geologist, Sakawe Mining Corporation) and D.Francescini (Dr. Geol, Educandato Statale Collegio Uccellis) in the Russian "Gornyi Zhurnal" («Mining Journal») (№2210, January 2015) an article titled "Offshore diamond exploration and mining in Central Namibia".

The article presents an extensive, well-reasoned and illustrated study summarizing the history and development of diamond mining on coastal shelf of Namibia - from divers to modern and effective methods of prospecting, exploration and production. Based on research publications and the experience of leading diamond-mining companies, the authors formulate the modern concept of genesis, geological characteristics, assumptions and factors, detection of offshore diamond deposits, exploration, testing, evaluation and development. The article discusses underwater equipment, technologies and methods of exploration and production of diamonds. The prospects and the main directions of further development of underwater diamond mining are also discussed. Summarizing the experience of exploration, prospecting and underwater diamond mining in Namibia, the article is essentially methodological in nature and in this context is relevant for countries and companies interested in the development of underwater mineral resources.

«Gornyi Zhurnal» («Mining Journal») is the oldest Russian and one of the oldest international scientific and research monthly publication on all aspects of development and mining of mineral resources. Established in 1825 at the Mining Military School (today St. Petersburg State Mining Institute). Since 1997, the Mining Journal has become a part of «Ore and Metals» Publishing House.

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