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Mining Geotechnical Operational Review and Monitoring

Operational reviews allow for improved design, efficiency and safety for a mine. Monitoring the behaviour of excavations, dumps and dams and identifying changes in behaviour and performance is important to identify problems and opportunities and manage the risk to personnel, equipment and infrastructure. SRK is responsible for the long-term monitoring of many rock slopes, earth embankments, mine dumps, tailings dams and water dams. In addition to reviews of operating mines, SRK undertakes inspections of abandoned underground mines, pit slopes and spoil dumps and in-situ monitoring using remote sensing devices.


  • review of operational performance data.
  • update of rock mass characterisation/interpretation.
  • update/improvement of mine design/operational criteria.
  • recommendation of appropriate monitoring systems and
  • mitigate operational and safety risks.


Operational geotechnical parameters are reviewed as appropriate to specific criteria and mine design parameters or aspects of the mining operation that can be improved are identified and developed.

In terms of specific elements, such as underground openings or pit slopes, inspections of affected areas would be carried out to characterise the situation. Recommendations for improvement measures and/or monitoring systems would then be given and installed if required. SRK would then undertake parametric and probabilistic analyses to determine the level of risk and consequences to the operations.


SRK has world class expertise in operational reviews and the evaluation over the entire range of mineral deposits and mine types. SRK is able to offer clients state of the art technical expertise in the development of appropriate geotechnical mine design criteria for a given mining method. SRK’s expertise is backed up by significant worldwide project and operational experience in a variety of mining environments.

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