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Visualisation & Graphic Services

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Transparency within the mining and metals sector requires efficient communication with shareholders, stakeholders, regulatory authorities, interested and affected parties and local communities. This is essential when conveying the potential impacts of your strategic development in a technologically advancing and highly specialised industry. Visualisation and graphic enhanced presentations provide a time efficient and cost effective way of sharing your vision with a much larger audience outside of traditional technical recipients, empowering your target audience to engage with you on an informed and consultative basis.


If you are at conceptual, scoping, Pre-feasibility or Feasibility study level, or considering options for exploration, greenfield developments, brownfield expansion or closure studies our current range of visualisation services extend from high-resolution photorealistic single image services through to full 3D animated site visualisations and time-lapse site simulations.

  • High-end 3D and 4D animation and site simulation
  • Multi-lingual voiceover support and scripting
  • Fly-over and fly-through output
  • Photomontages
  • Visual Impact and Line-of-sight assessment
  • Web-format, DVD, HD and 3D stereoscopic video options
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Graphic Designs and Motion Graphics
  • GIS Integration


Impressions of your company shape its success. At SRK, we are sensitive to the financial, technical and socio-political challenges of your project. Building on the knowledge of our industry experts and consulting experience, SRK is able to integrate visual media within your presentation method to provide a comprehensive and consistent message to your audience.


Combining over 38 years experience in natural resource and mining projects and assimilating this with state of the art visual media, we can bring your project to life:

  • Facilitating strategic communication with owners, consultants, designers, communities and non-technical audiences
  • Improving project planning, design and delivery
  • Expediting approvals and securing investment
  • Managing public perception
  • Simulating in-depth analysis of the life cycle of the mine, by providing attention to detail which could be lost in words or on paper
  • Mitigating environmental impacts
  • Re-assuring stakeholders that your input meets the highest standards of efficiency, quality and sustainability
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