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Why Choose SRK

Longevity: SRK celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014.

Expertise: SRK employs world leading specialists with local and international experience and the ability to focus on the details.

Versatility: SRK provides a seamless approach for due diligence, feasibility studies, problem solving or idea generation, by providing a team of experts covering each specialist area. SRK also excels at the integration of these specialist areas, ensuring that big picture issues are considered in addition to the details.

Focus: SRK studies focus on the areas of greatest risk, rather than indiscriminately addressing all issues in equal detail.

Impartiality and independence: SRK is owned independently by its employees and is widely accepted by the international banking and investment community.

Local knowledge: SRK is a global company employing local experts who understand local cultural and legislative practices.

Size: SRK can mobilise large teams quickly.

Reputation: SRK's reports and recommendations carry considerable weight with stock markets, joint venture partners and banks.

SRK Kazakhstan