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Applied Structural Geology in Exploration and Mining

SRK is pleased to be able to offer a professional development workshop consisting of practical technical training in structural geology developed for exploration and mining geologists.

The workshop material is designed to provide the attendee with a broad knowledge of salient concepts in structural geology applicable to mineral deposits and to equip the attendee with key practical skills that will enable them to interpret a wide range of structural data and therefore make informed decisions in areas of structural uncertainty.

Designed to be of real-world practical use, the workshop is planned to consist of 2 days of lectures (50%) and practical exercises (50%) that draw on the global experience of SRK’s structural geologists and use case studies from projects with different technical focus (e.g., exploration, mining, rock mechanics and Mineral Resource projects). This will be followed by a day for developing practical structural geology experience, conducting mapping of selected parts of the open pits and structural analysis of drillcore in the core yard.

The proposed workshop consists of ten modules consisting of both taught components and practical exercises.

Practical exercises will be given to attendees throughout the course of the workshop.

Overview of the workshop

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